Mississippi Barbell

The Source for Weightlifting in Mississippi

Mississippi Barbell, formerly known as Mississippi Weightlifting Club, is a strength sport nonprofit for the state. It was the first USA Weightlifting sanctioned Club in the State and remains the largest. We are located in the metro Jackson, MS area. The organization trains and promotes Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting.  We serve as a resource for anyone looking to compete in meets and for anyone who wants to improve their lifts for sports performance. We are open to all levels of lifters from any walk of life, at any age, who want to become better athletes and have fun along the way. We want to sharpen ourselves and all interested Mississippi athletes competitively. In order to be the best, you have to train with the best. And that is exactly what Mississippi Barbell aims to be.

We are located within Reservoir Crossfit at 131 Builders Square, Brandon, MS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are You Located?

Our training space is located in Brandon, MS.  We are currently within Reservoir CrossFit located at 131 Builder's Square Drive behind Miller's.

When Is The State Meet?

First weekend in June 2018. Registration is not live yet. You do not have to be a resident of MS to participate nor are there qualifying totals. Singlets are not required but USAW membership is.

What Are Your Drop-In Fees?

$25 donation to our nonprofit made payable via cash, check, or online.

What Hours Are You Open?

We are open by appointment only for personal training sessions. We are typically on site Monday- Thursday 4:30-7 pm and Saturdays at 10 am. However please message us first to schedule your first session.

Do You Have Any Extra Shirts/Shorts/Insert Apparel Here?

No. We only take pre-orders. As a nonprofit we do not print extras of anything. If you miss a Pre-Order you will have to wait until the next order. Pre-Orders are listed on our facebook page. There may be some items in stock in our store in limited sizes in the meantime.

Do I Have To Be A Mississippi Resident To Be A Team Member?

No. You have to be willing to work hard, follow our remote programming, and compete in weightlifting or power lifting (drug-free for both sports). We do not tolerate any PED usage or arrogant behavior. You need to respect your team mates, the organization, coaches, and the sport. Membership is a privilege, not a right. In order to be on the team you MUST pay Team Dues every year.

Do You Have Remote Training?

Yes. We have password protected online team training that can be followed anywhere. The password is changed on the 5th of every month and dues are due by that date. Remote training access can be paid here. Unused weeks do not roll over nor can you share the program with anyone else (this includes using it for your gym or your clients as well as business partners, other coaches, or reposting online. This list is not exhaustive).

We also offer video analysis packages as well. Our coaches will review your videoed lifts and give critiques, feedbacks, and ways to improve your deficiencies.

Can I Just Come To Watch To See If I Like It?

You can schedule a time to visit to see the facility and watch a session. However, spectators (other than parents) are not generally allowed due to our small space and safety concerns. However any visitors willing to donate to the nonprofit when they visit can be accommodated.

Anyone watching, as well as lifting, must sign a Release Waiver. No exceptions.

What Are Training Hall Fees?

Rates vary dependent the number of days a week (1-5 days) you train or if you are receiving a personal session. Team program is included if you train on site with us. Fees can be accessed here.

Once you select how many days a week you wish to train on site the pricing will show at the top of the item.

Can I List Mississippi Barbell As My USAW Club?

Only if you have paid Team Dues and have spoken to Coach Amber or Coach Tyler.

Will You Come To Our Gym And Host A Clinic?

Yes. Please see our Seminar page for more details. Nonrefundable deposits are required before any date will be reserved. A minimum of 10 athletes is required. Clinics range from one hour to all day dependent on your needs. Coaches only seminars are also available.

Can My Child Lift With You?

Yes. The youngest we will coach is six years old. However we suggest scheduling a session for us to meet your child to determine his or her placement needs. Learn more about our Youth Program here. Pricing can be found here.