Mississippi Barbell

The Source for Weightlifting in Mississippi

Mississippi Barbell, formerly known as Mississippi Weightlifting Club, is a strength sport nonprofit for the state. It was the first USA Weightlifting sanctioned Club in the Mississippi and remains the largest.

We have two locations: (1) our olympic weightlifting headquarters in Brandon, MS located near the metro Jackson, MS area and (2) our satellite olympic weightlifting location Mississippi Barbell Gulf Coast located in Gulfport, MS near Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Saucier, and Bay St. Louis.


Our organization trains and promotes Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. We serve as a resource for anyone looking to compete in meets and for anyone who wants to improve their lifts for sports performance. Mississippi Barbell is open to all levels of lifters from any walk of life, at any age, who want to become better athletes and have fun along the way. We want to sharpen ourselves and all interested Mississippi athletes competitively. In order to be the best, you have to train with the best. And that is exactly what Mississippi Barbell aims to be.

We are located within Reservoir Crossfit at 131 Builders Square, Brandon, MS and within Gulfport Crossfit at 300 Creosote Road, Gulfport, MS.

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Mississippi State Championship

Established 2014

Click the picture to see the gallery or see all photos here. Photos by Tim Addison


In 2014, Amber Sheppard & Tyler Smith hosted the first USA Weightlifting meet in Mississippi's history. Over 60 athletes attended the day long event in the snatch and clean and jerk. Attendees included National Champion and world team member Samantha Poeth and Matt Bruce and 2004 US Men's Olympic Head Coach Gayle Hatch.

Youth through masters competed in this historical event hosted by Mississippi Barbell (then known as Mississippi Weightlifting Club). Local artist Tim Addison was on site to capture photos & Tyler created a video compilation of every lifter set to the music of local Hattiesburg band Face on Mars.

2014 Champions


53, Kimmy Trowbridge, MS Barbell

58, Laura Meador, Unattached

58 Masters, Mayrim Fraticelli , Unattached

63, Amber Gaspard, MS Barbell

63 Masters, Karen Pugh, Unattached

69, Samantha Baker, Gayle Hatch WLC

69 Youth, Casey Ferguson, MS Barbell

75, Angel Adams, MS Barbell

75 Junior, Emily Blackwell, MS Barbell

75+, Samantha Poeth, Gayle Hatch WLC

75+ Masters, Juli Ann Marquette, MS Barbell


62, Nic Dykes, Gayle Hatch WLC

69, Kurt Mullican, Unattached

69 Junior, Daniel Kline, Gayle Hatch WLC

77 Junior, Taylor Nox, Unattached

85, Austin Henriksen, Gayle Hatch WLC (by bodyweight); Bryan Williamson, MS Barbell

85 Masters 40-44, Derek Richards, MS Barbell

85 Masters, Berylan Wedgeworth, Gayle Hatch WLC

94, Hunter Brian, Gayle Hatch WLC

94 Masters 45-49, Gil Petruska, Razor's Edge Fitness WLC

105, Brandon Howard, Gayle Hatch WLC

105 Masters 35-39, Alfred Laird, Unattached

105 Masters 40-44, Jonathan Teague, Unattached

105 Masters 60-64, Jim Peyton, Gayle Hatch WLC

105+ Masters 40-44, Scott Burnside, MS Barbell

105+ Masters 50-54, Kevin Kraemer, MS Barbell

Functional Fitness Division

Women- Hayley Wommack

Men- Cam Willson



  Design by Lauren Mashburn

Design by Lauren Mashburn


The second annual State Championship was held on Saturday, May 30th at Methodist Children's Home. The event was open to all ages & included the first annual High School Power Clean Division. Tim Addison once again took pictures and local chiropractor Clayton Pitts was also on site.

2015 Champions


53 Youth, Reagan Burnside, MS Barbell

58 Masters 35-39, Ashley Burdine, MS Barbell

58, Laura Ostrander, MS Barbell

58 Junior, Brooke Trochesset, MS Barbell

63 Masters 35-39, Amanda Malone, Unattached

63, Janice Ferguson, MS Barbell

69, Jessica Borowski, Unattached

75, Best Female Lifter, Samantha Poeth, Gayle Hatch Weightlifting Club

75+, Masters 35-39, Lindsay Snipes, Nola Barbell Club

75+, Liz Carrier, Nola Barbell Club


62, Joe Morrow, Unattached

69 Junior, Morgan Rummel, Unattached

69, Elliot Knight, MS Barbell

77, Chris Brown, Unattached

77 Junior, Power Clean Champion, Gates Willson, MS Barbell

85 Junior, Caleb Gresset, MS Barbell

85 Power Clean Champion, Jack Schwartz, MS Barbell

85, Best Male Lifter, Jack Wilson, Unattached

85 Masters 35-39, Allan Price, MS Barbell

94, Justin King, Gayle Hatch Weightlifting Club

94 Masters 45-49, Kyle Ehrenreich, Nola Barbell Club

94 Masters 50-54, Chuck Rumbley, Alabama Weightlifting

105, Brandon Howard, Gayle Hatch Weightlifting

105+, Masters 35-39, Alfred Laird, MS Barbell

105+, Masters 40-44, Chris Buckalew, Unattached

105+, Masters 40-44, Scott Burnside, MS Barbell

105+, Masters 55-59, Jeff Williams, MS Barbell


Design by Lauren Mashburn

The 3rd Annual Mississippi State Weightlifting Championship was held June 4, 2016 at Methodist Children's Home in Jackson. The event was open to athletes of all ages and backgrounds with out Youth, Junior, Open, and Masters divisions. Once again we will had the High School Power Clean competition (open only to current high school students the day of the event).

It was the first year we instituteda $5 spectator fee that can be paid beforehand online . All proceeds benefited 501(c)(3) organizations Mississippi Barbell and Methodist Children's Home.

2016 Champions



58, Amber Gaspard, MS Barbell

58, Masters, Shelli Poe, MS Barbell

69, April Cosgrave, Unattached (Best Female Lifter)

69, Masters 35-39, Laura Pylate, MS Barbell

75, Junior, Morgan Leonard (High School Power Clean Champion)

75, Kristina Jackson, Unattached

75+, Laura Miller, MS Barbell

75+, Masters 40-44, Ellen Meeks, MS Barbell



77, Junior, Morgan Rummel, Unattached

77, Elliot Knight, MS Barbell

77, Masters 50-54, BJ Parker, Unattached

85, Junior, Gates Willson, MS Barbell

85, Masters 50-54, Daniel McKnatt, MS Barbell

94, Tyler Smith, MS Barbell (Best Male Lifter)

105,  Luke Dalberg, Gayle Hatch Weightlifting

105, Masters 35-39, Eric Donaldson, Slingin Iron Barbell Club

105, Masters 60-64, Walter Warren, MO Valley Masters

105+, Masters 40-44, Alfred Laird, MS Barbell

105+,  Masters 50-54, Kevin Kreamer, MS Barbell


This year's event will be held Saturday, June 3rd in Jackson, MS at Reservoir CrossFit in Brandon, MS. Register for the all ages and state residencies event here and follow the event page here.